Candace @ FamilyVoicesMatter
Austin, TX

Bio: I’m Candace, a Texas mom to two girls, a fiancé to the sweetest German woman in the world and a lover of black coffee with chicory (that’s the Cajun in me) …and hearts. Yes hearts. I find them everywhere I go, in nature, on the street. Love is all around us, we just need to be open to see it. I am a fierce advocate for children’s mental health. I started my blog Family Voices Matter to highlight the work it takes, the lengths to which a family must go, for their children to receive amazing and respectful help with mental health challenges. I currently serve as the Vice-Chair and Parent Representative of the Texas System of Care Consortium and as the Parent Representative of the Texas Children Recovering From Trauma initiative, as well as offering my experience and voice to many local, state and national conversations on children’s mental health. I have also been a Registered Nurse for over 12 years. I was taught that the will and desires of the patient are first and foremost paramount above what the professionals want them to do. We have lost sight of this concept in mental health. It must be restored, and I am poised to assist families in educating the mental health community, taking the blinders off, so we can all see the love that surrounds us in this world.

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